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Cricket uniforms: for the real gentleman

Cricket Uniforms: For The Real Gentleman

The cricket is considered as the second largest playing sporting event. Popularly known as gentleman’s game, this is played in three different formats. The most legendary format is the Test cricket. In this, the competitors wear the same white colour uniforms. Other forms of the game like T-20 and ODI are played in the coloured uniforms.

The cricket uniforms consist of the cricket shirts or jerseys and trousers. These are specially manufactured in beautiful designs and shades. With the evolution of the new fashion trends, the manufacturers are crafting their range in attractive designs and shades. Nowadays, the manufacturers use computer aided software to create impeccable designing range. The software provides full flexibility to the designers to create attractive designs.

The sublimation printing technology is widely used for the printing purposes. This is a versatile printing technique which is widely used to imprint high definition prints on the fabric. This technology enables the manufacturers to imprint directly the computer made designs on the fabric. First of all, the motifs created on the computer is imprinted on the transferable paper. Then from this paper, these are imprinted on the fabric using pressure and heating technique.

The bowlers, fielders and the batsmen need the comfy fabric while playing the game. So, the manufacturers use polyester fabric during the production to ensure that the players offer their maximum performance during the game. They also use the advanced machinery for stitching and cutting to ensure seamless finishing in the collection.

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